Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Finds: Spirithoods!

Oh! MY! GOODNESS!  Is all I have to say about this product.  And I have to give credit to my brother for turning me on to these amazing pieces of fashion.  I have to admit that when I first saw them I was like, "WTF? Who in their right mind would even buy one of these...let alone wear one!"  But after a few minutes of looking at all of the variations I am now HOOKED!  So much so that I might use some of my tax refund to purchase one...I just don't know which one is more...ME (since they don't have a giraffe *sad face*).  Which one do you guys and girls think?

(from left to right) There is the Grizzly, the Husky, and the Night Owl.  I LOVE all three of these and I can't make up my mind....comment your suggestions below.  I have to admit that I'm kind of diggin' on the Grizzly and Night Owl :) (in that order).

Also if you would like to check out the complete line, checkout their website:  They have girl versions EVEN KID versions!!  So now the whole family can be SUPER AWESOME all at the same time!

That is all...take care everyone and remember....It's time to get FABULOUS!


  1. For the love of God, don't actually buy one.

  2. Weird comment, but what the hell.

    Knew you from high school (pretty well, actually) and just wanted to see how you were. Shoot me an email, maybe?

    Hope everything's good on your end.