Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured Finds: Spirithoods!

Oh! MY! GOODNESS!  Is all I have to say about this product.  And I have to give credit to my brother for turning me on to these amazing pieces of fashion.  I have to admit that when I first saw them I was like, "WTF? Who in their right mind would even buy one of these...let alone wear one!"  But after a few minutes of looking at all of the variations I am now HOOKED!  So much so that I might use some of my tax refund to purchase one...I just don't know which one is more...ME (since they don't have a giraffe *sad face*).  Which one do you guys and girls think?

(from left to right) There is the Grizzly, the Husky, and the Night Owl.  I LOVE all three of these and I can't make up my mind....comment your suggestions below.  I have to admit that I'm kind of diggin' on the Grizzly and Night Owl :) (in that order).

Also if you would like to check out the complete line, checkout their website:  They have girl versions EVEN KID versions!!  So now the whole family can be SUPER AWESOME all at the same time!

That is all...take care everyone and remember....It's time to get FABULOUS!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Slip Stitch: Adele's New Album

Hello lovely readers, and welcome to another segment of Slip Stitch.  For this post I thought I would focus on the music world.  And while I know her new album has been out for over a month now, I just had to write something about it.

I cannot tell you how excited I was on February 22nd when her album was released.  And yes, I did buy it that day and I have been listening to it pretty much non-stop.  With her heartfelt lyrics and simplistic, but driving rhythms this album, I have to say, is EVEN BETTER than her first.  And in the music industry that is a rare thing indeed.

While I have my favorite songs on the record, EVERY SINGLE SONG is amazing in its own right.  But here are my favorites:
Someone like you, Turning Tables, and Set Fire to the Rain.

If you haven't already bought her new endeavor DO IT NOW!!  I even put a link in the post to make it as painless a possible :D.  So what are you waiting for?  Stop reading and START listening!!!

Take care, and as always...It's time to get ballsy!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chain Four: My FIRST pattern and FOURTH amigurumi creation! has been a while since I last posted, but I just couldn't find the time to actually sit down and write something.  Luckily for me the weather has been relatively gloomy these past few days and I've run out of things to do...THUS, time to update the blog!

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted my next crochet project to be my own pattern...since I've done well with basic shapes, etc.  And that first pattern would be none other than Maximillion Pegasus from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.  Well, without further delay here he is!

Isn't he awesome!?!  I had BIG plans to hand embroider the eyes; however, I got I made them from felt.  There is also pipe cleaners in all of his limbs so he is fully poseable!  The only thing left for me to add to him is the trim for his suit, which I also plan on cutting from felt.  But other than that, he is complete!

And what would a true villain be without a throne upon which to devise his cunning and ruthless plans?  Thus, the next project will be to make a chair for him to sit in!  I've already found a pattern...look:

It looks great!  However, I have to blow it up to make it size-appropriate for my little Maximillion.  Also, the pattern is hard for a novice like me to understand so I believe there will be quite a lot of winging it, and profanities hurled into the cosmos!  I should also note that I WILL NOT be making it pink!  I'm thinking black with either red or white trim...yeah, that screams EVIL VILLAIN to me!!

Wish me luck, and as always...It's time to get ballsy!

(BELATED POST) It's beginning to look a lot like Craftmas!

Hello all you lovely people.  Apologies for my absence these past few weeks...things have been crazy on this end trying to finish either making or buying presents for friends and family.  I do, however, hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season, and that you are able to share it with those you love and cherish.

Now that all of the sappy sentiment is aside, we can now enter the world of crafting.  Borrowing a term from my good friend The Crafty Octopus, this year turned out to be somewhat of a Craftmas for me.

First of all,  I tried with all my might to finish the devil of a purse I have been promising my mom for almost two years now; however, I was unable to complete it.  I do have all of the pieces completed, it is just the unfamiliar task of using the triple bind off method of joining the pieces together that is preventing me from progressing any further.  However, I have plans to attend a local knitting night at my yarn shop and ask them for some assistance on the matter.  Hopefully, with some luck those nice ladies will take pity on me and help me finish the monstrosity.  *cross fingers*

Secondly, my brother asked me for a scarf for Christmas awhile back.  He loved my finished scarf, which was the first time I had ever done a cable knit; however, he wanted his to be in a darker shade of green.  I was happy to oblige since I absolutely love the pattern and it knits up rather quickly...even for a "slow" knitter like myself.  Just look at the finished result:

Photo would be here; however, I forgot to take one, and my brother has YET to send me one...turd!

Thirdly, about a week or so before Christmas, I decided that I wanted to make my brother's girlfriend a scarf of her very own.  She is obsessed with the color purple, so the color choice was obvious; however, the only problem is that the pattern I have for a cable knit scarf is for a man...meaning it is too thick and chunky for a female frame.  What was a knitter to do?  So I had to do another first...alter an existing pattern to suit my needs.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  After a little trial and error I was able to come up with a pattern for a smaller version of the cable knit scarf.  That way they could have his and hers scarfs...awww, I know!  Here is her finished scarf:

And finally, I got my first taste of embroidery.  I hand stitched my name on labels for each of the scarfs...just look:

aren't they AMAZING!!  I'm quite pleased with the way things turned out the Craftmas...well, except for fact that every project was completed except for the one for my mom; however, to make up for it we got her All-Clad cookware for Christmas.  SHE WAS SUPER EXCITED!

Well, that is all I have for you...again, I hope your holidays are joyful ones filled with love and laughter! :D