Friday, August 20, 2010

Bind Off: My First Cable Scarf!

Early this month, my family and I went on our first family vacation since...well, I don't actually remember the last time we went on a trip together, but that's not the point.  For this vacation we decided to go to the magical land of Sandusky, Ohio for Cedar Point Roller Coaster Amusement Park!  Just for the record, I'm obsessed with roller coasters, and I am an adrenaline junky.  So this place was pure crack-cocaine, and trust me I was tweaking with excitement as if I had been on a week-long bender in some dark, dank ally.

Here were some of my favorite "fixes:"
Millennium Force

Top Thrill Dragster
Each of these rides were amazing in their own right, and just represent a small fraction of the roller coasters at the park!

But back to the world of knitting.  Since we were going to be driving to and from the great state of Ohio...a grand total of 30 + hours on the road...I decided it would be the perfect time to whip out a new project.   And before going on our trip I found an amazing pattern for a cable scarf.  The only problem: I've never done a cable knit before and had no idea how to achieve the desired look.  So, after a quick visit to my local yarn shop, The Yarn Mart, I purchased my very first cable needle and was armed with the knowledge to do battle with the monster that was my first cable scarf!  And when I say it is a monster of a scarf, I do not is over 96 inches long and is made with SUPER bulky yarn!  But I have to say that the scarf is amazingly kick-ass and looks like something out of an up-scale magazine like Vogue or GQ.  And now I present to you, the slain-beast-of-a-scarf:

And here is the scarf in all its grandeur (just for scale you should know that I'm 6 foot, 3 inches tall)

I have to say that after completing this project, I have the desire to make one in every possible is that amazing and cozy warm, but, sadly, there just isn't enough time...if I want to complete my other projects.

However, I will get the oppurtunity to revisit this pattern for my brother...after he saw the completed project he asked if I would make him one for Christmas this year...and that is one present I know I can deliver!

Here are the details of where I got the pattern, etc, etc:

Men's Knits: 20 New ClassicsPattern: Men's Knit by Erika Knight (it's the scarf on the cover!)
Needle Size: US 17
Yarn: Lion Brand - Monterey Lime, Super Bulky
I would love to hear if anyone else has done or plans to do this project and what they think of the end result :D.

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