Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chain Two and Chain Three: My Second and Third Crochet Projects

After the success of my first crochet project, I just couldn't stop!  I have become a man possessed...and I have to say that I don't mind it!  After I made an Oddish, I decided to try something a little more complex.

Once I skimmed through the patterns on WolfDreamer's blog, I decided on Drifloon.  While it still had the basic ball shape it had some new technical elements that I was eager to try.  And this project actually took a much shorter time than the Oddish!  I was shocked...I think it was because I am finally getting the hang of crocheting...though I am still not very fast.  So here is the finished Drifloon!

Isn't he just the cutest!  He is now suspended from the ceiling at my desk...ready to take any misbehaving children away!  *evil laugh*  But seriously...this is the Pokedex entry for Drifloon, and I quote:

"It is whispered that any child who mistakes Drifloon for a balloon and 
holds on to it could wind up missing."

I have to say that Pokemon can be a little bit demented at times, but that has always been the Pokemon way...cute, but creepy :).

As for my third crochet project, I decided to be even more ambitious that Drifloon.  I wanted to try something with a lot more elements, and shapes than my previous two endeavors, which lead me to select Ampharos as my next project.

Now he took awhile for me to complete.  He had several pieces to make and I had to learn how to do color change work in crochet.  I know how to change colors in knitting, so I thought I could just wing it in crochet...MISTAKE!  Apparently, they have slightly different mechanics and I ended up kind of ruining his neck; however, from the front you can't tell...and that is how he is displayed on my desk...right next to the Oddish.  But here he is in all of his glory (minus his eyes...still working on that):

I think I did a great job on him, if I do say so myself :).  I really just need to get better at assembly.  I just can't seem to get the hang of not letting the stitches show.  Perhaps I need to hit up the CraftyOctopus for another one on one session.

And now that I know some of the basic mechanics of crochet, I think that for my next project I am going to create my own amigurumi pattern.  I've already decided on who it is going to be!

I am going to depart the land of Pokemon for this next project and enter the mysterious and campy world of Yu-Gi-Oh! and make one of my favorite characters from the anime/manga...drum roll please....


One of the best villains ever!  Next to Sephiroth, of course...but I can't really think of anyone who can beat him.

Well, wish me luck!  And as always, it's time to get ballsy!

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